Simple Mistakes Cost Badgers the Game

(1) 3rd and 15 on the Michigan 25 yard line. Threet looks deep and overthrows his receiver. Our best lineman, Matt Shaughnessy called for roughing the passer, giving the Wolverines a first down. Instead of getting the ball back in good field position in the 4th quarter with a 19-7 lead, Michigan marches down the field and makes it 19-14.

That was a huge penalty. Among the many mistakes made, more than any other it probably cost the Badgers the game.

(2) Our All-American tight end/H-back lines up incorrectly for the 2-pt try that should've sent the game to overtime. Simple mistake. Bielema says he wasn't in on the practice that week because of his hamstring, but still, it's in the playbook. He should know it. It cost the Badgers overtime.

Dropped passes, missed assignments, interceptions. Lots of simple mistakes that cost Wisconsin a game it shouldn't merely have won, but should've won easily.

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