Post Marshall Wrap-up?

Been away from the computer the last few days, but . . .

Just what the doctor ordered? Two scrimmages (to use DiNardo’s term) to really get the offense humming. The Badgers established they can pass, too. The receivers actually looked good, even without Beckum. No panic over the poor start. And, of course, we can still run the ball.

Of concern, this defense isn’t great. There are a couple of playmakers in Shaughnessy, Levy, and Carter, and hopefully one more next week with Casillas back. The Badger corners are mediocre and Fresno State’s speedy WRs will test them. The Badgers were also vulnerable to the inside screen.

The offense really got clicking at the start of the second quarter, and never stopped. My only real question is should PJ be the starter? I’ve liked everything Brown has done, including contributing in pass protection, and Clay looks like he may yet develop into the kind of back we all want him to be (a tall order). PJ is solid, but lacks patience finding holes and my primary concern is that he coughs the ball up too much. He’s been bad with the ball in both games this year and several times last year. Right now I’d start Brown until Hill proves he can hang onto the ball.

The bottom line is the Badger offensive line is very, very good. The rest of the offense just needs to work with what the big uglies give them while the defense holds serve.

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