The Cynic, Week 4

  • Tyrell Pryor: 3 touchdowns in the boxscore are over rated; no one who actually watched the wunderkind's performance against Troy thinks he can stretch the field with his arm, but he is fun to watch (and will be great).
  • Penn State: won't play a decent defense until they arrive at the Camp in week 7.
  • How on earth did UCLA beat Tennessee. That's almost as remarkable as their loss to Notre Dame last year.
  • Have I mentioned the Big East? Going on the road is tough, but West Virginia lost at Colorado?
  • Indiana? Still the same old basketball school.
  • Iowa? Going on the road is tough, but if Iowa was "back" they would've won that game. They had their chances.
  • Add Boise State and the Mountain West is the third or fourth best conference in the land.

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