@ Michigan: What Worries Me

(1) @ Michigan: we've had our problems in the Big House over the years. Lots of them. 1-4:
Wisconsin at Michigan in the Alvarez Era

(2) Michigan has some playmakers. Sure, they aren't consistent, but they will hit some big plays, which leads to:

(3) McGuffie is dangerous. When you hit him, you have to put him down. Poor tackling, a problem in the past, will cost us points against McGuffie.

(4) Even though Threet isn't that dangerous, he can throw the deep ball. Michigan's receivers have some speed and our corners are suspect. Big plays . . . ?

(5) Michigan's front 7 is pretty solid and built to stop a power running team like ours. Evridge has had his moments, but I don't like relying on him to win on the road.

(6) Bielema's road record is still questionable. Good win against Fresno State, but let's face it, the Badgers didn't have their best game out there.

What doesn't worry me: moving down in the polls in an off week, four weeks into the season. Seriously, who cares? All the Badgers can do is win their games, and that's all I care about.

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