AAR (After Akron Review): Week 1


(1) Blowout. Check. Garbage time TD doesn't bother me.
(2) Defense. Umm. Nice work forcing the field goal at the end of the half. Not so sure about the sustained drive for a touchdown that preceeded it. Work to do.
(3) O-Line. Nice. Very nice. Looking forward to their progress as the year goes on.
(4) Evridge. Efficient, but that redzone pic was bad. That's what the coaches have been worried about with him. This was a freebe, and hopefully it taught him the lesson he needed. But hope isn't a method.
(5) Clay. Nice to see him getting carries. Nice to see the Badgers over 400 yards on the ground. Nice to see three tough backs running down hill. This team is going to wear a lot of people down.

I like it.

But I'm still nervous about the passing game and the defense.

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