Game Saving Tackle Tarnished

According to the Journal Sentinel (link), Jonathan Casillas was cited for a DUI last month, and blew a .15. That's high. That's loaded. It was nice that he made the "game saving" tackle against Fresno State, but should he have been playing at all?

The arrest was made in August, about a week before Akron. Casillas was injured for Akron and Marshall, so couldn't play. A suspension for either of those games wouldn't have had any effect. If he knew he was suspended for Fresno State, maybe he doesn't work as hard to get ready? Maybe it's a bigger deal to get suspended for Michigan? Or maybe the school's punishing body has rules that it is in the midst of following. I respect the decisions that body has made in the past, so perhaps that's the issue.

Also, the hearing for his arrest is this week, so he hasn't even had a chance to enter a plea. Nonetheless, I believe this is a very serious offense, and even putting himself in this situation deserves punishment.

Casillas has been one of my favorite players in his time in Madison (one of the reasons he's included in that slideshow off to the right there), but this really stinks. DUIs are a very serious offense. Ok, so he was on a scooter, not driving a car. That's different, I'll grant you (only people on the scooter at risk, as opposed to others), but it still shows a serious lack of judgment. Et tu, Jonathan?

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