The Cynic, Week 3

Coach, you're in your late 30s. You don't need to dance across the field to celebrate a victory. Just walk (or even jog) over to the opposing coach and wish him well. Seriously.

South Florida over Kansas? Turns out Kansas really didn't play anyone good last year.

Ohio State. Ohio State. Uh . . . look, Beanie isn't that good. Wow.

Pac-10. Is the Mountain West that good, or is the Pac-10 that bad? The way the Pac-10 played on Saturday, would you believe the 0-3 Huskies still have a shot at a winning season? They do, barely. All is not lost for Willingham (yet).

Speaking of which, UNLV over #15 Arizona State: takes the sting off of last year's escape, doesn't it?

Penn State. They look really good, but has any team in America played three worse teams?

3-2. Seriously? I had to read the box score three times to believe it. Were Auburn and Mississippi State playing soccer?

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