Badger Opponents, Week 3

Akron (1-2) lost to Ball St.
Marshall (2-1) squeeked past winless Memphis (17-16).
Michigan (1-2) couldn't hang onto the ball against Notre Dame. McGuffie's future is bright.
Ohio State (2-1) made to look really bad by the odds on favorite for the national title.
Penn State (3-0) crushed hapless Syracuse; another really poor opponent.
Iowa (3-0) survived in-state rival Cyclones. They've looked good, but their schedule is a minor upgrade from Penn State's. (To be fair, Fresno State is the only difference between PSU, Iowa, and us).
Illinois (2-1) survived Louisiana Lafayette, on a late field goal.
Michigan State (2-1) covered the 17 point spread over FAU. Ringer looks great, Hoyer? Not so much.

Indiana (2-0): idle.
Minnesota (3-0): ok, so they haven't played anyone, but still, lots of improvement in the Twin Cities.
Cal Poly SLO (1-1): idle.

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