The Cynic, Week 1

College football events I take guilty pleasure in:

Bowling Green over Pitt. Seriously, where has the Stache been an effective head coach? Remember this rule: one big upset at the end of the prior season doesn't make an otherwise mediocre team really good.

East Carolina over Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech remains the most consistently overrated team in college football since Dan Snyder left Kansas State.

Oregon over Washington (big). Oregon's pretty good. Washington isn't. Locker can't win by himself, and any Willingham coached team that isn't ahead at half time is in big trouble.

Alabama over Clemson. This was going to be Clemson's year. I think I hear that every year. I expect to hear it again next year.

Utah over Michigan. I just like seeing this happen to Michigan. I know they will be back and very, very good. But in the mean time, I'm going to enjoy their struggles.

Bonus: Cal Poly over San Diego State. At least our closer is better than Notre Dame's openor.

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