Fresno State Preview: Take the Over

Here's what I thought back in July.

Not much has changed, but here's what I think now:

Take the over. Fresno State’s defense won’t slow the Badgers much. Not at all sure the Badger D will slow the Bulldogs much. I see a lot of points scored and a Badger win. Not just because I’m a homer. Fresno State didn’t look that good against Rutgers, and I don’t think Rutgers is a particularly good team. I know, no syllogism or transitive property allowed, but I’m not sold on Fresno State. Where they have an advantage is their WRs over the Badger corners. They will score and not infrequently, but I think they won’t manage to keep up the pace they will need to stay with the Badger offense.

Win or lose, I look forward to providing a travelogue next week. Fresno or bust!

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