Opponents, Week 1

How'd the guys that the Badgers will play do?
  • Marshall: won 35-10 over FCS Illinois State at home.
  • #21 Fresno State: after a lackluster first half, opened up and beat Rutgers convincingly on the road (24-7). They have this week off to prepare for our visit.
  • Michigan: looked alternatively mediocre or just plain bad when Utah beat them in the Big House. Their offense was bad, their defense was ok.
  • #3 Ohio State: crushed FCS Youngstown State. The Big Ten Network gave me the *pleasure* of watching that game. The Buckeyes were never tested, but the Beanie Wells non-descript injury is an interesting development.
  • #19 Penn State: crushed FCS Coastal Carolina. As they should.
  • Iowa: had no trouble with Maine. Are the Hawkeyes more dangerous than everyone's given them credit for?
  • #24 Illinois: couldn't keep up in a track meet against #5 Mizzou. Is Juice that much improved passing, or do the Tigers just not play pass defense?
  • Michigan State: played pretty well in a tough roadie at Cal. No shame in the loss and they showed fight.
  • Indiana: looked pretty good against the newest member of the bowl subdivision. Color me unimpressed.
  • Minnesota: Survived a scare from NIU (31-27). Not a good sign for the Goofs.
  • Cal Poly: upset San Diego State. It's only San Diego State, but you should know the Mustangs are #15 in FCS. Not world beaters, but they won't just roll over.

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