Preview: Ohio State

It's not complicated: hold your position and make the tackle. That's how you beat Pryor and Wells. It's not complicated, but nor is it easy. If the Badgers defensive line can hold up, we have the right linebackers and safeties to contain (not stop) the Buckeye running game. And we'll have to turn Robiskie and Hartline over to Goins and Langford and hope for the best. Let's face it, Pryor's arm isn't that great (yet), and neither Robiskie nor Hartline are game breakers. So, contain and tackle. DeAndre, Jonathan, Jaevery, that is your mission.

When the Badgers have the ball, oh, will it be nice to have Graham and Beckum back in there. Beckum fundamentally changes how the defense defends, and Graham just has the knack to find the open space. I'd like to believe in Jefferson, et al., to come down with a few more catches, but I'll believe it when I see it. The offensive line should get a little better push against the Buckeye front than they did at Michigan, and the running won't be easy, but it will be there. And no more option, please. I don't care if, "it was there." Just run the damn ball.

In a field position game, Nortman will help, as will Gilreath, but Trapasso and Small are equal to the task. Special teams are a draw.

Coming home to the Camp is a huge boost (contrast that with following up the loss to Illinois with a road trip to Penn State last season) and the Badgers should be amped. The crowd will be "juiced," and that should be good for a little lift. Pryor is a tough kid, though; don't expect too many mistakes from him just because we've got a loud stadium.

A win brings the series even to .500 since I was a freshman so many moons ago (5-6-1 today), although Wisconsin hasn't been favored a single time over that stretch. Not once.

20-17 . . .


I have faith.

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