A Can and a Can Opener

Here sits a can. It has a long shelf life. I could let it sit there without fear that it would go bad. I could, but here's a can opener. It's nice and shiny. I just have to give it a whirl. I don't really even care what's in the can, I just want to try out the can opener . . .

Here's another reason the BCS is better than a playoff. USC goes and wins out, wins the Pac-10, as most people here reasonably expect they will. They go to the playoff and all is forgotten.

Not here, not this year. No "plus one" to save them. No conference champs plus non-BCS at-larges, either. Nope. They lost. They lost to a formerly 1-2 team that lost to Stanford and got crushed -- annihilated -- by Penn State. Now USC suffers the consequences.

That's what made this game great for Oregon State and it's fans -- and fans around the country. It's what makes it painful for USC fans (especially the blowhards). If you're not unbeatable -- and, once again, USC isn't -- it's out of your hands. If the national title is your goal, you'd better go out and beat everyone. Everyone. Even the crappy 1-2 team. Otherwise, take your chances.

You don't think it's fair that 12-0 Penn State is playing 13-0 Mizzou for the national title? Next time, try beating 1-2 Oregon State.

Protect the sanctity of the regular season. Protect the Oregon State Beavers. College football is not just a minor league for the NFL.

No playoffs. Not now, not ever.

The can is opened.

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