Road Trip!! What to do in Fresno

Other than this . . .

Well, it's maybe a little late, but here's a little knowledge about Fresno. If you have extra time, Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon/Seqouia National Forest aren't far away and they are worth the trip. This time of year, Yosemite won't be crowded and it is beee-you-tiful.

Most folks from Wisconsin are probably flying into San Francisco or LA. Enjoy the sights there, Fresno is less appealing, aesthetically speaking. But take note while making the drive, California is an agricultural state . . . a very big agricultural state. It's only on the coast that California is, well, California (the one you see in the media).

Once you make the drive down (or up) 99 (which will be hot -- possibly in the 100s during the day on Saturday), what's in Fresno?

My friends in Fresno tell me Me-n-Ed's Victory Grill is a solid sports bar (Link), as well as the Red Wave Inn (here) near the university, and the Dog House Grill (here).

For a great sandwich, The Meat Market (link) at Ingram and Alluvial.

The Forestiere Underground Gardens sound interesting: link

Other than that? Um. A couple of malls, with all the standard chain restaurants, and Indian Casinos, if that's your thing.

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