Why Wisconsin?

It's a good year to adopt the women's hockey team. First, they are gunning for their 3rd national title in four years. Second, with a win today they could become the first program to go to four straight national finals.

Update: With a 5-1 thrashing of UM-D, the Badgers are in the finals.

Third, the ladies "get" Wisconsin. Really. Senior captain Erika Lawler, from Massachusetts:

"It's a very proud school," said Lawler. "You go there, and everyone's really proud to be a Wisconsin Badger. Definitely the school's pride is a cool, cool thing, a unique thing that Wisconsin has."

"Wisconsin people go all out in their sports, everyone's really into it and just fully invested in their sports and very supportive there. They have an unbelievable atmosphere. It's such a fun environment to be a part of while you're there and while you're living in it."

Meaghan Duggan, also from Massachusetts:
"I didn't know much about the school," Duggan said. "They fly you out for your official visit and I was kind of starstruck. It's an unbelievable campus, it's a beautiful city, I love Madison. They won the national championships the year before I got there. I knew the hockey was a powerhouse and it's just an unbelievable university."

"Anyone that goes out to Madison and gets the tour on the University of Wisconsin campus is going to think the same thing. I heard from a bunch of people from home that they didn't go out there because they were afraid they'd never come back."

"I guess that happened to me. It's hard to leave home and be away from my family but it was definitely the right decision for me."

Same for me. Ok, I didn't have an official visit and wasn't playing any sport (let alone one that just won a national title), and I enjoyed the independence of being far away from home, but on my first visit I saw the same thing: the University really is a special place. Nice to see these lady Badgers represent us so well.

Go Badgers.

I like the news feed feature, got this from here.

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