Spring 2-Deep: Best Guesses

The Badgers haven't released the Spring depth chart yet, but here's my best guess at how the 2-deep will look. As before, the number corresponds to their eligibility (1=freshman, whether redshirt or true; 4=senior, including 5th years), and an asterisk means a highly touted (i.e. 4 or 5 "star") recruit (for some reason Clay is missing his, but whatever, you all know who he is). On offense things look very good everywhere except depth at guard, and the now annual questionmark at quarterback (and yes, I'm projecting the two new receiver recruits to get playing time, though obviously not this Spring). Also, obviously I've got three receiver positions, along with a tight end and a fullback, so 12 players here on offense. I think that better represents the potential for what Chryst is working with, as does including four tight ends because I think 2-tight end sets will continue to be a common package.

The defense is a little less experienced up front, but thinking back to the work these guys have done, I'm thinking this will be a solid, though probably not spectacular, crew.

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