5 Questions for Spring Practice? How About 3 . . .

Men's basketball survived longer than expected, but they're done. Men's hockey came in third in the WCHA regular season and tournament, but that wasn't good enough to make the dance, and the women have established their dynasty. So let's get back to football, with Spring practice kicking off tomorrow:

It seems fashionable to ask 5 questions for spring practice, and I guess, if pressed, I can come up with five, but I think there are really three critical questions:

(1) Who is the quarterback? Really, this is the only question. All else pales in comparison. If ESPN is reporting on it, you know that it's common knowledge. As the quarterback goes, so go the Badger fortunes in 2009. Sherer? Phillips? Tolzein isn't really in the equation, is he? Budmayr? No. Not as a true freshman who hasn't taken a competitive snap in over a year. The coaches' video on the quarterbacks: here.

(2) How do the new folks look in our defensive front seven? Largely new defensive line and a complete reshuffling at linebacker (McFadden is back, but in a new position).

(3) Can our receivers hang onto the ball? Last year there were dropsies all over the field. To give the offense the diversity Chryst so badly wants, we need receivers who hang onto the ball.

By my count, those are the three big questions.

For those of you who really want five, (4) how does Henry look at corner? Recovered? (5) How do the semi-new faces on the offensive line look?

But don't kid yourself even with three questions, it's all about the quarterback.

Here is Potrykus's version.

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