Basketball Tourney: On Second Thought . . .

I've been kind of down on the NCAA tourney this year. Not that interested. Too many teams that don't belong. Frankly 64 teams is just too many. Among those 64, there's no way the Badgers are a national title team, so why should they (among many others) be playing in the tourney for the national title? It's a fun event, but it's a ridiculous way to chose a champion. Maybe even more so than the way they do in football. Anyway, that's not the point here. The point is, I've been disinterested.

So it's halftime of the Badger game and the announcers have decided Wisconsin sucks and doesn't belong, nor, for that matter, does the rest of the Big Ten. All of the sudden I cared again.

I was stuck at work, then coming home checking the score on my blackberry. It went to overtime as I was getting on my bike from the train station, so like any true fan I checked the score while I was riding (real safe, I know).

So all I have to say now, in sum, is . . .


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