I Don't Believe In Jinxes: Post-Season

Well, I don't believe that some random fan out in California can say something that somehow jinxes our athletic teams in Wisconsin.

The Badger hockey team still has a shot at the NCAA tourney without winning the WCHA tourney. Number one, they need to beat Denver in the WCHA semifinal. Then a whole bunch of other stuff has to fall just right. So it's still possible, but not likely. The problem is even teams that aren't playing any longer can get a boost in the pairwise rankings (which are very good at predicting NCAA tourney invites) when the teams they have played win. Because of that, the only sure bet is to win the WCHA tourney. So let's pull for that. It only requires 2 upsets, folks.

Along those lines, this Florida State match-up in the basketball tourney seems doable. Truth be told, though, this is a football blog and I don't know a thing about Florida State basketball (but I do know that 12/5 upsets aren't uncommon in hoops; oh, and I know we should have played them better in football). Assuming a win over FSU, everyone seems ok with the likely second round match-up with Xavier, although that strikes me as likely major conference bias. Of course I'd like to see the Badgers go far, but, seriously, there's no way they are one of the best 16 teams in the country. They just aren't. Get there and I'll be very happy for them and cheering them on, but that would just be an example of how strange the outcomes in the NCAA basketball tourney can be. You could say the same thing about the men's hockey team making their tournament.

On the other hand, our women's hockey team is a legit national title contender. Semifinals this Friday vs. UM-D (three WCHA squads, with Minnesota in the other semi, in the Frozen Four!). Go Badgers! Good goaltending is the key to playoff hockey and so far Patty Kazmaier finalist Jessie Vetter (video, and yes, the athletic department LOVES that song for highlight videos), who sounds like a someone who could shred on the lead guitar, has proven up to the task (1.33 GAA is just sick!).

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