Spring Bloom: Notes from BB's Presser

Some quick hitters out of the opening press conference for the Spring:

Of note on the depth chart: Bsherer moved to left guard to help shore up the lack of depth there. We could have a very athletic line, but a very green second string. On the defensive line Garner and Grimes, both likely not in the two-deep, but good for depth . . . not anymore. They are out of the program.

Backup kicker Fisher is gone to Cornell. Frankly it's hard to see how that's a bad move for him.

Likely the 1st and 2nd string fullbacks (Jones and Ewing) are out for the spring with injuries. Mo Moore and Jay Valai will miss some practice due to recent surgeries. Tyler Westphal is also going to miss the Spring, which isn't good news for a developing young talent at defensive end.

Mario Goins is still in academic trouble with Bret and won't practice this Spring. Similarly Shane Carter is on thin ice. Pretty clear that Henry and Brinkley will be the starters at corner unless something surprising happens. If Goins and Carter don't make the grade, as it were, it's going to hurt the previously expected depth in the backfield quite a bit.

Clay needs to slim down. But not too much; he's always going to be a load to carry.

Toon and Jefferson are sprinting with the track team and Bielema likes what it's doing for their attitudes.

Finally, based on Potrykus's thoughts on the quarterbacks yesterday, and looking at a ridiculously quick snap decision (subject to change daily), I'm throwing my hat in the Sherer corner. Consistent is what we need, much more than "athletic," and I'm just not willing to call for a true freshman who hasn't played competitively in over a year.

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