Why Sherer Should Start

Budmayr? Folks he didn't even play last season as a senior in high school, and some are talking about him starting as a true freshman? Uh, no.

So, Phillips or Sherer. The fan money is on Phillips, right? Phillips was Mr. Tennessee. You know: talent, SEC speed, the whole deal. Sherer will be a 5th year senior who won the starting job last season after Evridge cratered in the first 2-1/2 Big Ten games. Remember the Champs Sports Bowl? Pretty ugly, right? I'm not so sure.

First, do we really want a redshirt freshman starting with the team we're going to send out. We have one of the better (and complimentary) running tandem's the Badgers have had, we have outstanding tight ends, and more experience at wide receiver than we've had in three years, and our line is in pretty decent shape, despite the new starters in three spots. Wouldn't solid quarterback play go a long way to making this a highly efficient offense?

So Sherer wasn't exactly an all-American last year, but he was also thrown in mid-season, having spent the better part of the fall taking limited snaps in practice. He made some great plays against Illinois, Michigan State, and Minnesota. Even against Florida State he made some fantastic throws (in the first half he hit Graham for an amazing 3rd down play inside our own 10). He appears to have a better arm than either Evridge or Donovan. In addition, more so than any quarterback since Stocco in his junior year, Sherer found open wide receivers. He spread the ball around better than Donovan, and better even than Stocco in his senior year. The '09 offense is built to keep the bad guys off balance by spreading the ball around.

Did he make some mistakes? Sure, but is that a big surprise for a guy who's just now starting? Did he learn some lessons? You bet he did. Lessons Phillips would have to learn this season. In addition, he's been in the Chryst system for five years, and he's taken a lot of meaningful snaps and reps. Phillips spent last season on the practice squad, so he's not nearly as well immersed in how the Chryst offense works.

Do we really want a redshirt freshman starting? Wouldn't it be nice to get Phillips a full year as the back-up quarterback so that his sophomore year (by eligibility) he can step in with three full years ahead of him, and a full year behind him practicing in Chryst's system?

That's the argument for Sherer. Don't be surprised if he comes out of camp at the number 1 spot on the depth chart. It might well be for the best.

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