The Case For Phillips

(1) Mr. Tennessee Football.
(2) Better legs than Sherer
(3) Let's not kid ourselves, Sherer was the guy who couldn't beat out Evridge in the fall last year.
(4) Time

Sure, he'd have some growing pains, but isn't the time for annually having a new quarterback under center over? Maybe he'd be a little rough around the edges, but he's got a solid supporting cast. Moreover, look at their eligibility. Anderson, Gilreath, Toon, Kendricks, Clay . . . all have at least two years left. The offense will only lose two players after the 2009 season to eligibility: Bscherer (who may not even start over Oglesby), and Graham (who is a big loss anyway you cut it). Wouldn't it be nice to have some continuity for the rest of the offense. Can you imagine the potential for that offense in 2010?

And again, it's not as though Sherer was lighting things up last season. Potrykus says you've gotta play for today, not for next year, but this quarterback derby has to end. It's been terrible for the Chryst offense.

The backup is always the fan favorite. To be honest, the case isn't overwhelming for Phillips. However . . .

At the end of the day, if Sherer isn't comfortably ahead of Phillips at the end of the Spring, shouldn't Phillips enter the Fall number one?

PS: ESPN blogger's *probing* interview with Bielema here (I thought BB didn't like bloggers?).

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