Why I've Decided To Overlook Wofford

That's just how it is. I'm overlooking Wofford. I have the September 26 date with Sparty circled. This weekend? Meh.

You can't overlook anyone, right? I can, and I will. I hope the Badgers don't.

And that's the thing. They won't. I'm fairly confident the Badgers have a 1-point escape over Cal Poly seared in their collective memory. And thus, the triple option will die a quick death at Camp Randall.

How did I get there?

The triple option works for teams like the academies and FCS squads because so few teams employ it. So you have one week a year to prepare for this crazy offense that just doesn't look like anything anyone else on your schedule is doing it.

But that's not all. The other thing that inevitably happens (and this should sound familiar) is that the BCS squad underestimates its competition. Those little Cadets/Middies, or Mustangs, as the case may be (or Terriers, sure, Terriers, too), the BCS squad just knows they will physically dominate them. (This is also what makes Paul Johnson's Georgia Tech such an interesting experiment; they don't have any drop off in talent and size.)

Then they don't. That scrappy, undersized teams comes out, survives the punch in the mouth, and starts scoring points. About the second quarter the BCS guys looks up at the score board, see they are really losing this game, and start taking their week-long coaching and preparation seriously.

And normally the BCS squad comes back and wins. But sometimes they need a kicker to miss three extra points to get there.

And that's where this year is different. The Badgers won't spend any time overlooking the Terriers. They don't want a repeat of Cal Poly and should come out in the first quarter to prove it.

Oh, and the Terriers' best back is out with an injury.

So anyway, I'll watch the game, but I'm overlooking it because I know our squad isn't. Go Badgers.

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