Quick Thoughts on Wofford

(1) See, we didn't overlook them. Good.

(2) Zach Brown is the best back on the team. Period.

(3) Good to see Moffitt and Nagy back in there. That bodes well for conference play.

(4) Gilreath was as bad as Clay hanging onto the ball.

(5) I liked what I saw from Phillips. He's a nice changeup. The problem is how to handle him in a close game where the offense is struggling. Do you put him in for the changeup, or does that risk ruining Tolzien's rhythm.

(6) I like the young players, but Schofield is by far the best player on our D. I think the best four are probably Schofield, Watt, Taylor, and Maragos, in that order. Maragos is a real leader.

(7) Toon is looking great.

(8) Still having penalty problems.

(9) Great to see Kendricks get involved. We have so many quality targets to throw to. Which leads me to . . .

Finally, is there any doubt that the player of the year in non-conference play is Scott Tolzien?

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