Quick Hitters on Fresno State

Gratifying win. Team fought back, coaches made the right adjustments. Guys made plays. Team won against a quality opponent (I think; now don't go all Fresno State on us, Fresno State).

Some thoughts, in no particular order:
(1) Maybe it was the flu, but I remember thinking the secondary would be a strength for the defense. It sure wasn't today.

(2) Man, do I like Schofield. He's a player.

(3) Tolzien! He's also a player.

(4) Our running backs look good, but our line looks bad. And remember when I was worried about depth on the line? Yeah, how's that going?

(5) Clay ran with a lot more purpose this week.

(6) Still thinking about the line: I sure hope not having the flu, and having Moffit back in there makes the running game work better (though Konz did a phenomenal job, given what he was asked to do).

(7) If our line can start blocking for the run, this could be a special Badger offense. Seriously. And I think we only lose Graham and Turner next year (though those are big losses).

(8) The defensive line and the linebackers made the right adjustments. After looking like a seive in the first half, they looked good in the second.

(9) I loved the 57-yarder to finish the first half, but Welch still looked shaky; even his 22-yarder for the win was just inside the upright. He needs to spend extra time in the McClain center this week.

(10) Gratifying, if stressful, win. 2-0.