The Cynic, Week 6

Pittsburgh over South Florida? North Carolina over Connecticut (big)? Folks, the Big East just isn't a very good league.

Vandy over Auburn: at least Wisconsin lost to Ohio State . . .

Speaking of which: first place in the SEC East? Vanderbilt.

Northwestern is 5-0. And they still haven't played anyone.

Missouri is 5-0. And they have no competition in the Big XII North . . . but the South? Yikes.

The Mountain West: Utah, BYU and TCU can play, but don't tell me Wyoming, UNLV, San Diego State, New Mexico, Air Force, and Colorado State make up a BCS level conference.

USC over Oregon: seriously, was there any good reason for not cutting away from that game to show the last 5 minutes of Ohio State at Wisconsin? I didn't think so.

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