Badger Opponents, Week 6

Keeping up with everyone:

Akron (3-3) with a nail biter over Kent State.
Marshall (3-3) got crushed by Cincinnati (who beat Akron by 3).
Fresno State (3-2) same old Bulldogs, lost to a bad Hawaii team the weak after beating UCLA.
Michigan (2-3) smoked by Illinois's play makers.
Penn State (6-0) beat Purdue easily, but didn't score much (20).
Iowa (3-3) turnovers cost them the upset over Michigan State.
Illinois (3-2) smoked Michigan.
Michigan State (5-1) escaped Iowa's upset bid.
Indiana (2-3) offense was ugly, save for one big play, in loss to Goofs.
Minnesota (5-1) the turnaround is working, but now comes the hard part.
Cal Poly (3-1) smoked South Dakota; these guys are decent.

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