Weekend Update: 4077th

The big news from the weekend stays with our injury update theme: Jonathan Casillas was dinged up and will miss 1-2 weeks, maybe being back for the season openor with Akron; and Travis Beckum continues to suffer from some kind of leg injury. These guys are too important to the team this season to miss a lot. Maybe it won't matter against Akron (though I keep having nightmares of UNLV and the Citadelle), but we need a healthy team to make a great run, and we'll need Casillas's speed and experience on defense when we go to Fresno.

In other news, the days of sending Taylor Mehlhaff out for a "routine" 50-yard field goal are over. Not that it's any real surprise. Junior kicker Matt Fischer looks to be the more accurate kicker, and will likely handle the closer kicks, but Redshirt Freshman Philip Welch will handle the longer distance kicks and probably the kick-offs. He's got a "live" leg, but not quite up to Mehlhaff standards. That should come over time (with some luck).

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