Clowning at Camp: Day 3

Today was the Badgers' first day in pads. Nothing yet on how practice went, but UW did offer up a couple of interviews.

PJ Hill, Allan Evridge, and Travis Beckum were made available to reporters, here. In summary, they have been well coached . . . not to answer questions about Lance Smith. He was a good player, now he's gone, next question? Evridge and Beckum refused to create any quarterback controversy where there really isn't one (true, Bielema has withheld naming a starter, but he's all but said it's Evridge, barring a big surprise). Everyone had a good summer of working out, conditioning, and spending time singing kumbaya, or something like that. As has been reported, Evridge is pretty mobile -- Beckum compared him to Tyler Donovan in that way.

Also, Jai Valai's imbedded reporting, styled "Man to Man" debuted with a clowning session with Beckum, here. Nothing of substance, but they are having a good time. On that note, Beckum seems like a great kid. I have nothing to base this on other than interviews and his play on the field, but on what little I have he seems like a real asset to Badger football and not just on the field.

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