Fall Camp: Day 1 Wrap

Coach Bielema gave reporters about 15 minutes today after practice. He addressed the personnel changes:
  1. Lance Smith is eligible and Bielema is working to help him transfer to a 1-AA so that he can see the field immediately. It was Bielema's decision to end his career at UW because he needs "a fresh start."
  2. One of our offensive lineman recruits, Chris Gardner, isn't coming. It sounds like he was borderline eligible to begin with and has decided not to enroll. Vague, but that's it.
  3. Josh Nettles (CB) isn't currently academically eligible and will miss camp. If he becomes eligible, he will be back with the team.

On injuries, Bielema stressed how good everyone looked. Today's practice was helmets only, no pads, so the staff can't really evaluate how guys react to contact, but Bielema is hopeful.

Regarding the quarterbacks, he gave the strongest coachspeak yet (that's what he's calling his recorded interviews with players segments, too) that Evridge is the guy, but needs to improve his consistency. The bigger question for me is who's number two? He said this is Scherer's opportunity to try to get on the field, but then gave very high praise to Tolzein who, "does it all right."

On spreading the ball around to the three solid running backs, Bielema seems to be happy with his predicament and plans to run the ball, "until they stop it." "The easiest way to advance the football is to run it." Indeed. I wonder if he isn't overselling this before the Badgers get to the competitive part of the schedule (beginning with Fresno State).

Finally, Coach, it's August 4th. Why a windbreaker?

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