Spring Game: Two Things

I've been on vacation this week, but no great changes at practice. Sherer still looks in the lead, Pleasant is pushing Valai, and the two-deep is getting nailed down on the defensive line. So, what's on tap? The Spring Game is a nice opportunity to watch the team practice in a scrimmage format, but remember that's what it is: a practice.

Two keys that the Badgers were bad at last year, Bielema has identified as major areas of concern, and they need to be better at this coming season:

(1) penalties: the offense, particularly, has to stop hurting itself with penalties. Unfortunately, the news out of practice hasn't been great. What better place to see if there's been any improvement than a scrimmage?

(2) ball security: the receivers need to make their catches and the running backs and quarterback need to hang onto the ball. The quarterbacking wasn't great last year, but the receivers hurt the guy under center far too often. And fumbles? The main difference in the bowl game and hurt us all year. They need to stop. The quarterback needs to feel the rush better and the running backs need to cover up as they approach contact.

This is it, folks: the last big football event until the fall . . .

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