I'll take Sherer, please.

The quarterback's job is to manage the game and make throws. Unless I'm delusional, the choice couldn't be clearer if the season started today: Sherer. Phillips is fun to watch and can do more with his legs, but that's not his job. Playing against the second team he consistently threw inaccurate balls into coverage. Playing the game he played on Saturday against a solid defense would be a disaster. There's nothing wrong with that: he's a redshirt freshman. He's not really supposed to be game ready. Sherer is.

Sure, the pick was bad. Really bad. The throw was late, but the pass was never open and Brown -- presumably the earlier read -- was, right over the middle for an easy 5-7 yards. Ok, so bad, bad throw. But outside of that throw, he was solid and had one or two throws that no one else on the team can make, and it's not close. Not right now. So Sherer, please.

Could Phillips challenge in the fall? Yes, but I wouldn't count on it. Could Chyrst install something to try to make Phillips Tim Tebow, circa 2006? Sure. Maybe that's even likely (except the Tim Tebow part). I think the more interesting quarterback battle will be next Spring when it's Budmayr and Phillips. I think this statement Potrykus wrote pretty much sums up this fall: "If [Phillips] makes similar progress in the summer it is conceivable he could push Sherer in camp." If, conceivable, could . . . Phillips is your starter.

Ok, so on to a few other things I noted:
(1) Turner at fullback. I'm not excited about it. I'd rather see two tight ends and two wide receivers. But I'm not in charge and Chryst knows a lot more about this stuff than I do.

(2) Where was Isaac Anderson? He emerged towards the end of last season, but we didn't see much from him on Saturday. Is Jefferson really ahead of him on the depth chart? I didn't think so, but after the game, maybe. Gilreath appears no higher than third on the depth chart. I think that's a good call.

(3) Still pretty confident we'll see Clay starting, but Brown with about 40% of the snaps.

(4) I'm scared stiff of injuries to the offensive line. There is no quality depth. As with Phillips, nothing against the freshman on the depth chart, it's just not a position freshman should have to play.

(5) Linebacker isn't looking good. There's no depth, and Sorenson didn't look like he was playing at full speed.

(6) Glad not to see any fumbles.

(7) Penalties weren't bad, but the holding needs to go.

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