Seniors: Part 2, Role Players

Although this year hasn't been what we'd all hoped, the seniors have provided a lot to the Wisconsin football program. A brief recap of the seniors' careers at Wisconsin, here are some guys who's Wisconsin careers may not have gone the way they hoped, but always contributed and made the team better week in and week out:

#49 Ryan Flasch, Germantown, Wisconsin
After redshirting at UNLV in 2004, Ryan transferred back to UW, but sustained a leg injury in camp, and missed the first season he was eligible for in 2006. Primarily a special teams player, most fans probably aren’t used to calling his name, but the Wisconsin faithful have a soft spot for the local boys who make good, and Ryan qualifies. This fan particularly appreciates student-athletes, and Ryan was one of this season’s Academic All-Big Ten honorees.

#48 Joshua Neal, Nashville, Tennessee
Like Ryan Flasch, Neal was primarily a special teams player and reserve linebacker through his time in the Badger uniform. He also assisted as a back-up fullback in 2006 when the team needed it due to injury problems. His name doesn’t roll off Badger fans’ lips, but his willingness to do what the team needed is the hallmark of a good teammate.

#4 Allan Evridge, Papillon, Nebraska
Originally recruited by Bielema at Kansas State, he played quarterback there as a true-freshman, but transferred to Wisconsin his junior year. Sitting out Stocco’s senior year, many (yours truly, for instance) thought he would be the next Badger starter. Perhaps due to an off-season injury, Tyler Donovan held him off to get the nod at starter last season. I’m sure he’s disappointed with how this season went for him, and probably he received too much of the blame for the losses against Michigan, Ohio State, and Penn State. Probably not well-suited to the Paul Chryst offense, it just never quite worked the way he and his admirers expected for him in Madison. But he’s a tough kid, a good student, and he played hard for the Badgers.

Here's wishing these three guys the best of luck for their futures. Thanks for sticking it out, playing and practicing hard, and contributing more to the Badgers than you're recognized for.

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