Notes: Champs Sports Bowl Press Conference

Yesterday Bobby and Bret got together to talk about their up-coming third-tier bowl. The sound quality is awful. Here are some quick notes:

Bret started out by mentioning that they're back . . . again . . . in Florida.

Bobby is old and his comments about the first time FSU played a bowl in Orlando remind everyone that the Noles were a nothing before he got there.

Bret: good athletes at FSU. Story will be big strong Wisconsin vs. speedy Florida State, but we have Florida athletes, too. It's hard for our scout teams to mimic FSU because of the talent disparity. Players looking forward to game: great character in comebacks, despite disappointment at MSU towards the end.

Jimbo Fischer runs the FSU offense, and he will be the next FSU head man. Period.

Bowden put a good spin on the opportunity to play someone new, versus playing Miami or Florida twice.

Bret takes accidental swipe at Bobby's age. Talks about how much fun it is to watch the sport when you don't care who wins. He doesn't have the reference point that Bowden does; "the first question was about a bowl 33 years ago and I'm only 38, so . . ."

Bowden, Paterno, these are names of legends that Bret is a little starstruck by. Bobby appears amused.

Bielema isn't concerned about the Big Ten's rep. His first year they proved it against Arkansas, last season we beat Michigan who in turn beat Florida. The Big Ten is doing just fine.

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