Time to Cue Up the Imperial March?

Covered better than me elsewhere, Moffit is hurt. Pulled a chest muscle while lifting. Supposedly not too badly, though from the sound of things, they were plenty worried when it happened. May not be ready for the opener.

Likewise, Bill Nagy has a bad wrist and will miss the first week or so of camp.

Now, as it happens, I'm not too worried about either of these guys, as long as they get healthy in time. But if they don't? Bad news.

Our depth on the offensive line is brutal, especially at the guard and center positions. We need Moffit and Nagy healthy. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come . . .

And Westphal is hurt, too. We need him healthy to provide competition on the two-deep at DE.

On the departures: WR Daven Jones, who always seemed like he had a little spark in him, but never seemed to crack into the depth chart, has decided to transfer. While I'm generally not a fan of transferring because of perceived worries about depth (that's always a fluid situation), he really was buried behind Anderson, Toon, Gilreath, Jefferson, then Theus, plus the anticipated often-used 2-tight end set, and with the new infusion of Appleton and Duckworth, things weren't getting any brighter for Daven's chances on the playing field. On the other hand, that UW degree would have been nice . . .

I'm a little more disappointed in Dex Jones leaving. While he may have projected 3rd among the fullbacks, that was almost certainly fluid. Without any true fullbacks right now, and as much as Chryst seems to like them, if anyone asked me I would have recommended sticking around and seeing how things went. Especially with as much eligibility (4 years, I think -- at least three) he has remaining.

And the recruit? Meh. Best of luck to him at K-State.