Interesting Big Ten Preview


First he tells us why the conference sucks. Well, it has been a down year or two, but lost in the statistics are the actual bowl match-ups. Michigan's win over Florida in '07 was big. Ohio State's game against Texas last season was much closer than it was supposed to be, and that was with a true-frosh quarterback. USC is USC. That's what the Rose Bowl will do to you sometimes.

On to his review: he seems less enamored of the Gophers than some others and highlights the same problem I see with Illinois: Juice just isn't that good. He also rags on Sherer, but (a) it's not without reason, and (b) I have a feeling the story will be different at the end of the year. I know the conventional wisdom is we come in 8th this season. I suspect it will be more like 3rd or 4th. And no, I'm not under the influence of anything . . . except maybe my new redshirt!
The Red Shirt
Like Barry Alvarez, a decent thing we took from Notre Dame.

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