Rumor Mill: Texas

Two items from the rumor wire:
(1) the Badgers won't travel to Austin in '09, but the schools are still working on a home-and-home deal. Landing a home-and-home with such a high profile opponent is tough for schools in the Badgers' tier of football competition (consistently good, not elite), so this would be a coup if Barry lands it. Keep your fingers crossed.

(2) Edited: lacking any further confirmation, the second rumor needs to be pulled.


Anonymous said...

I'm curious where these "rumors" came from. You have not cited any sources or linked to any stories. Did you just make these rumors up?

Duff Beach said...

That's a fair question, and I probably didn't do a good enough job with this, especially given the nature of the Bielema rumor; I'll edit the post with that in mind.

No, I definitely don't make this stuff up. They are what I called them: rumors. Things that you hear from people that you wouldn't rely on as a good source of information, but when you hear them enough you start to wonder whether they might be true; especially when the people you hear them from have been right before. Sometimes they turn out to be relatively close, like this one:; sometimes not.