The Cynic, New Year's Day Edition

(1) Good for Penn State for trying, but the Big Ten really isn't that good this year. Seriously, though, they couldn't at least have tried a little bump-and-run?

(2) Can anyone explain how USC lost to Oregon State and only beat Arizona 17-10?

(3) Final thought on the Rose Bowl: remember when it mattered? Stupid BCS . . .

(4) No news here, the Big XII really doesn't play much defense.

(5) Did LSU really need to go deep with the lead they had over Georgia Tech, or was it some form of league redemption policy for Georgia's loss to the Jackets? This way everyone can chant "S-E-C" again?

(6) Except for that whole Sugar Bowl thing. Yes, that was Alabama, number two in the SEC, getting stomped by a mid-major in the Sugar Bowl -- basically a home game for the Tide. Best season by a non-BCS program that I can remember. Significantly better than 1985 BYU. I'm sorry, I misheard those southern fans . . . "M-W-C!! M-W-C!!" (Took the sting off the Rose Bowl, didn't it?)

(7) Didn't there used to be an Orange Bowl? Stupid BCS.

(8) I know Hawaii's not that good, but you're gonna tell me Syracuse is!?! Next year, Weis, winning your last game won't be enough.

(9) Ok, so Sarkisian is taking over at U-Dub. Can someone please tell me on what basis Ty Willingham is still considered a decent coach?

(10) Hey, Coach Bielema! 2006 is starting to feel like a long time ago . . .

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