A Win, a Loss, and Some Notes

35-32, the Badgers charged back from a 14-point halftime deficit and more or less owned Minnesota after the break. BUT (that's a bit but), once again struggled with an 11-point lead late in the 4th (no offense, defense gave up big plays). This isn't a trend, it's the norm. And it's not good.

Kyle Jefferson is out of the hospital, after two serious concussions in two years, is it time for him to hang it up? Without knowing more about Saturday's injury, I say it probably is.

Some highlight videos courtesy of the Big Ten Network (Rotel in your queso, right?) and UW. Oh, you can find all of the highlight videos for the year, plus some older ones, here: badgerfootballmedia

Here is UW's official game highlight video.

And some random notes.
First, Sherer was the Badger player of the game. Down 21-10 in the 3rd quarter, on 3rd and 7 from midfield, he escapes a tackle, rolls right, and fires a strike to Isaac Anderson, who takes it inside the 10. Key play on that touchdown drive. His subsequent 39-yard strike to Anderson effectively ties the game. And that doesn't take into account the one Anderson dropped that would've likely gone for 60+ yards. This was his best game so far, and here's hoping that having a starting quarterback with some experience helps us out next season.

Second, the hitting. Valai delivered a nasty blow on Minnesota's Soloman, taking off a huge chunk of his helmet. Didn't look intentional, but looked nasty. Similarly, the hit on Jefferson didn't look at all dirty, just unfortunate. Casillas lead with his helmet in the first half, but fortunately didn't hit the Goofer's helmet, nor did he hurt himself. Bielema's made it a point of emphasis with Big Ten refs, he needs to make sure he makes it a point of emphasis with his own team.

Allen Langford. Heard of him lately? No? It's because he's had a great year. He's been the only rock in our secondary and deserves a lot of credit for it.

Mike Newkirk. Great game, solid season.

Aubrey Pleasant. Nice game (though he ran under Weber's 4th and 18 completion in the 4th -- a better angle and he would've knocked it down, or even come up with a pick). Nice article on him in the State Journal. Good for him for sticking around for his degree. Glad to see he's gotten something out of it on the football field, too.

O'Brien Schofield had a great game, too. Let's hope that carries into next year, as he's our only returning starter on the defensive line.

David Gilreath has really come alive of late, and had two big plays again against Minnesota.

Paging Zach Brown? Word is he's dinged up. Hope it's not too serious.

Finally, Nick Toon looks to be coming along, and made a crucial pick-up, Badgers still down a touchdown, on 2nd and 19, he takes a crossing pattern for 17 + a 15-yard unecessary roughness penalty for a late hit on the sideline (which I actually thought was a little ticky-tack).

As for Minnesota: that ball-hawking isn't an accident. Remember the early days in the Alvarez era? Say, 1993? Our defense gave up a lot of yards, but picked up a lot of turnovers. Not that the Goofs are that good, but they do force a lot of turnovers. And Weber isn't there yet, but he's a solid player for them. With Decker back for another year, Minnesota's offense will stay dangerous. But thanks for the safety (he had all day to throw, he should've thrown it away).

More notes from: Badgercentric, Camp (and) Lambeau , and Dave Heller and Jeff Potrykus at the Journal Sentinel.

This season isn't over. Folks, don't overlook Cal Poly (8-1), #3 in the FBS (behind #2 Appalachian State -- remember them?), and averaging over 46 points per game.

In closing:

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